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Upgrading the mobile

Recently I and mother upgraded our mobile phones. We were happy enough with our old mobile (no smartphones!) but the telecommunication carriers are going to change the communication mode in near future so we need to get the new ones. I somehow found the way to get the new mobiles with very reasonable price though I need to do the initial setting by myself with the help of the staff on phone call. You know ... it's really troublesome and I needed the whole morning today. But I've done it somehow X(

(My new and old mobile)

This was a lovely day today with bright sunshine, I aired myfuton on the verandah and the homeless cats were happy on the verandah too :)

Yes this is Monday but today is the national holiday (no job! Yay!). In the afternoon I painted the waterproof coating on the verandah - we do this rather often because now the surface of the woods are covered with the countless scratches (by the cas' paws, of course!!!) . They(cats) seemed to be unhappy with the smell of coating XD

So I'm rather tired for not having enough rest but happy to done these tasks :)
Tags: daily life

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