katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

Saving a life

Today, early in the evening. When I stood in front of the drawers and put the clean clothes which were washed & dried today into it, I heard the very small buzzing from somewhere nearby. First I thought it might be the phonecall or message to my mobile which happened to be on the dressing table next to the drawer, but it wasn't. There was no electrical appliances around the drawers. The small buzzing stopped, then I heard it again. I was perplexed, then tried to catch the subtle sound. When I caught the sound again, I found it came from the T shirt I've just put into the drawer. I took it out, went out of the front door, opened the folded T shirt and shook it. Then... I saw a very small beetle flew away under the porch light!

We hang the washing outdoors, so it must have entered inside of the T shirt during the daytime and been there for hours! Anyway, I feel rather good, I apparently saved a small life! X)
Tags: daily life

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