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2 days in izu-Kogen

Feriday and Saturday, I and 2 friends have been to Izu-Kogen, the popular short-trip destination on Izu peninsula. Kogen means highland in Japanese. In reality Izu-Kogen is not a highland, very near to the ocean but this area has some small extinct and silent volcanos - hence many hot springs, beautiful coast line and very pleasant climate like in the highland, and not very far from Tokyo, this area is quite popular for people who want to spend their holidays in the nice hotels or their second houses.
We took the express train from Yokohama, first visited Mt.Oomuro, a small extinct volcano and now the most popular tourist spot in Izu-Kogen for the wonderful view from its top. Friday it's wonderfully fine so we enjoyed the view, the walking on the edge of the old crater.

(Oomuro mountain, covered with the pampas grass - the pampas ears were now all silver and beautiful!)

(This mountain is just 580m above sea level and about 6minutes chairlift ride brings us to the top.)

(The view from the top of Mt.Oomuro. Many people enjoyed the circuit walk on the crater.)

Then we went to the lodging. It was not the ordinary hotel, a kind of condominium, each apartment havs 2 or 3 bedrooms and its own kitchen, and the guest can enjoy the public bath with hot springs at the basement floor. Our rooms are on the top floor so the view from the room was just wonderful. We enjoyed relaxing in the nice living room, playing Scrabble XD, went down to the hot sprins, backed to the room and cooked the supper, Scrabble again!

(The view from the verandah.)

(... and the result of the Scrabble matches.)

The 2nd day(Saturday), the weather was also good.

(Morning sky from the room... about 7:00am)

After leaving the lodging, we left our luggage at the train station and walked to the coast. They have the nise walking pathes on the coast but we didn't have enough time, walked on just a small part of the path still it's good - nice view and pleasant air in the woods.

(The beautiful colour of sea water!)

(This coast was created by the volcanis activities in the past so there are many hexagonal rocks on the beach.)

(There is a small suspension bridge! A bit scary)

Late in the afternoon we took the train and backed to Yokohama. It was a short, but very nice trip! I enjoyed it very much :D
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