katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

Kamakura on workday

Recently, my job situation is not very good. The job itself is not bad, it's interesting enough, but you know, most of the office problems are caused by the human relationship. During last few days I've not been busy in the office ...frankly, had little to do becaues my stupid boss cannot manage the job situation and couldn't instruct us what to do. First I tried to prepare the next job but she didn't like I do it without her, this made me lose the motivation of course. But doing nothing in the office is terrible, just looking at the computer screen makes my eyes very tired! So this afternoon I took a half day off and went to Kamakura for a walk. Kamakura is the old Samurai capital (in 12th century), about 30 minutes train ride from Yokohama. There are many temples and shrines, and the old residential areas in Kamakura are good places to stroll around. I visited an old(of course old!), small and tasteful temple, and a small but famous shrine, enjoyed just walking around in the quiet town.

I have walked for just 2 hours, had tea in a small cafe then took train to back to Yokohama.

Well... though there are problems in the office, this was not a bad afternoon to refresh my feeling :)
Tags: daily life, travel/going out

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