katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

eating out with sister :)

Today after work I ate out with my mother, and sister. My sister lives and works in Tokyo so it's good to eat out together, I have booked a table in a small nice restaurant and we enjoyed the food and talking. Sister wants to take the persimmon fruits from the tree in our garden so today she came to Yokohama after work, stays one night here. She and I are going to pick the fruits from the tree in the small backyard tomorrow morning - as we've done every year for many years :)  What she wants most is not the fruits - of course she wants them, but mainly, the activity itself - taking the fruits from the tree is a great fun! XD
Last weekend my friend and I have picked about 150 persimmon fruits from two trees in the main garden but not from the tree in our backyard - left the fruits for my sister X)
Tags: daily life

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