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I'm still struggling with some software in my office.

I have worked on a certain software for more than a month then yesterday found it's not suitable for our purpose... it means I have to find another one, and considering the time I had unwillingly wasted I have to be hurry!

I have always been clumsy about computer and digital thing so it's really tough to rake through the internet for a decent software, yesterday afternoon I felt almost panic.

Today I was not panic though the situation is still a mess. I found 1 or 2 software which seems to be good for us though both of them are not cheap, I could get the free license of one of them I can use free for one month as a trial and have tried to use it all day today. But it's very difficult to do without the manual, I'm really worrying about the job schedule.

Of course it's always good to study new things, this struggle will eventually bear some fruits (I hope), but at this moment the situation is really precarious...
Tags: daily life

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