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Taking care of the rabbits.

So, as I wrote before, the chief priest of Syuzenji temple on Izu peninsula had adopted abandoned 8 rabitts and made a hut for them maybe some years ago though he couldn't separate the males and females completely (I heard that at least he tried but the rabbits digged the tunnel under the fence between the adjoined 2 huts) , now in 3 huts there are about 200 rabbits. Taking good care of this huge number of rabbit is very difficult and often they fight and hurt each other, thus since early summer this year some volunteers have helped the priest to take daily care of the rabbits, separated the males and females(now they live in the different huts, but soon the volunteers would need to check the sex of the babies), begun to neuter the males(the rabbits are too many and neuteing the female is more difficult so they decided to neuter only the males. But it will takes time to do all of the boys.) . I have read their web journal for months and worried about the rabbits, donated some money. And because Syuzenji is not very far from Yokohama, I decided to go there to see the situation and do some help if possible. On 8 and 9 Oct I've been there.

The chief priest welcomed me and asked me to help to clean the huts and cages (except the outdoor huts he keeps about 10 weak or injured rabbits in the cages in the temple building), give the rabbits food and fresh water. He said taking care of them takes about 2 hours each in the morning then late in the afternoon ... it's a large amount of works! I was lucky about the weather (it's sunny on both days on my visit) but on rainy days the work must be tough, I think. The priest has just hired the staff but he (or she) was not ready yet, so any volunteers were welcome. On my second day there came another volunteer lady to help, so we worked and could enjoy talking together.

(I'm working in and around the rabbit huts.)

Well... this "too many rabbits in the huts" situation was caused by the misjudgement of the chief priest but it's apparent that he loves animals and does his best to take care of them. And maybe because ot his good care, these rabbits seemed mostly happy and lively(I was so relieved to see it).

(They don't seem to be unhappy, don't you think?)

I just hope many people would help them and adopt these cute rabbits!
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