katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

From my trip to Shuzen-ji

This weekend I've sorted and retouched some of the photos I took on my visit to Syuzenji last weekend. I put some photos which my LJ friends might like :)

The entrance of a Japanese style cafe in a small, old but elegant traditional house.

Looking out of the window. This cafe is on the hillside so no view of other houses, just its small garden and mountains... very quiet and nice breeze.

And I enjoyed Japanese sweets :D

A small Ryokan(Japanese style hotel) and its room where I've stayed for 1 night.

The breakfast they served in the hotel.

My supper in the small local restaurant :) The broiled freshwater fish on the top of white rice with teriyaki sauce. Yummy!

You might think I have enjoyed my overnight trip very much. Yes I have, though these are not the main things of my trip. The purpose was taking cate of the rabbit! But I'm afraid I posted too many photos so I'll write about the rabbits on my next post.
Tags: travel/going out

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