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too close to the window

Today it's generally fine and a bit windy, and the temperature was oddly high. And humid day. Though the sunshine was so precious for thie time of year we have many rainy days.

 Around noon one of our homelss cats - the white one with black spots - appeared outside of the window facing north.  The sunshine does not come into this side of the house so it's always a bit damp and there are many mosquitos, so usually cats don't stay on this side. But today the white one have stayed there for hours, and whenever I or mother went nearer to the window he imaowed rather miserably.

He had stayed so near to the window it sounded like he was IN our house XD

We gave him some food for he seemed to be very thin while his brother and other cats are so well-fed. We have 5 or 6 homeless cats which visit our garden frequently and once they had shared their territory  often ate food together. But recently they don't seem to be as friendly as before. We are afraid that other cats might have driven him off from the main garden :(

Meanwhile in the garden, the south side of our house...

These two are good friends. The one with closed eyes is the brother of the white one but he prefer to being with his friend :(
Tags: daily life

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