katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

Typhoon night

It was a horrible night!
It's quite rare that typhoon hits our area. Even when a typhoon passes nearby it causes the various damages, and this big typhoon has made landfall and passed through the Japanese archpelago yesterday. Because of the location or the landform(maybe) the area I live in is usually safe, but last night the noise of the strong rain and wind was just horrible. About 21:00 it started blowing and near the midnight it sounded very loud and dangerous, I could hear big and metal things crashed something outside of my house. I have closed all the shutters and of course going out of the house was not safe so no idea what was happening then, just hoped no serious damage happening in my garden and to my house. I was tryng to sleep in my bed but could not because of the noise, worrying about the situation. Tako was also very nervous, we two have spent an anxious night in the darkness. Around 3 a.m. the noise has ceased and I could sleep at last.
This morning, before 6 a.m. I woke up, anxiously opened the shutters. In the garden there were many fallen branches (some fallen persimmon branches had still green but rather big fruits ... pity!), and the fragments of the things I don't know what they were, and 2 big corrugated tinplates - clearly the cause of the noise - which must have been come off the roof of one of our neighbour's old house. There was much small damage to the trees and to the wooden fence, but seemed to be no serious problem.
After the typhoon today the temperature has oddly risen, it's sunny but still windy. And to my relief, the air still had a lingering scent of fragrant olive...
Tags: daily life

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