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typhoon is coming

A big typhoon is NOW going through the Japanese Archipelago. Here in Yokohama, sometimes we have sudden heavy rain and strong wind - but not much horrible. But just in case I closed most of the shutters. Despite this weather mother is on the trip (the group trip of her Haiku poem club - I'm not happy about it. Recently the damage from the natural disasters could be very severe in any places, I hope the typhoon wouldn't hit the area they are staying) so I and my rabbit Tako are alone in our house :)
Today in the daytime the weather was not so bad - just light rain and sometimes we had mild sunshine, the air was still fresh with the scent of fragrant olive. I've been making the albums of the photos I took on my trip to Scotland in June. Sometimes I stopped it and did some small housework or patted Tako relaxing under the sofa or desk. I like this kind of quiet, peaceful day very much. But in the evening it started rain again, the temperature became oddly high ... the sign of coming bad weather! Our familiar homeless cats have already disappeared from our garden late in the afternoon. The weather forecast says the worst hours might be in the middle of the night, so I hope to find the good weather in the coming morning!

(Tako has no idear what is happening outside of the house...)
Tags: daily life, utako

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