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a calm and expectation on an autumn day

Today in the early morning it's rather cool and comfortable, the real autumn day, yay! Though the weather forecast says we'd have some hot days again around coming weekend, now it seems the severe summer has gone and we'll soon have the nice autumn days.
When I woke up it's comfortable but at the same time I fellt some odd loneliness, or helplessness. These often visit me in this time of year with the cool air as if it warns that the winter of my life will come eventually. I'm afraid I can't help it, but these feeling didn't depress me much, I just felt them, accepted them.
Then when I was making my packed lunch and preparing the vegetables for my rabbit I saw the familar homeless cats waiting for the morning treat on our terrace as they do almost every morning XD  They seemed to be more relaxed than usual because of this comfortable weather, after mother gave them some food they seemed to be quite happy and glooming themselves.
Meanwhile in my room my rabbit Tako eats the dried timothy grass very well, it's good for her health :)

(relaxing cats)

(A remain of summer in our garden)

(Buds of red spider lily, not blossom yet)

On my way to the office I was thinking about buying new shoes ...  I'm not a person who loves shopping but sometimes I enjoy getting something new. In the office, I've been proofreading some manuscript for a while ... this is the task I rather like but at the moment it's a bit hard to concentrate on it for I can't help but thinking of the things I really want to do even on the working hours XD  Writing, drawing, making the photo albums of my trip, weeding the garden, reading, writing letters, shopping, playing with my rabbit, going out for walking, eating out with friends, hopefully a short trip .... compared to these things the job is almost nothing for me XD
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