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Gregory Peck film

On 24th, Saturday I went to Tokyo to join the meeting held once for 2 months to enjoy the films of seagoing adventure in a small hall which has a big screen(of course not like it in a movie theatre but far bigger than TV). Yesterday we watched the old film "Captain Horatio Hornblower"(1951, starring Gregory Peck).
I like this film very much and have a DVD, sometimes enjoy it at home. But watching it on a big screen is very different from on an ordinary TV screen, the scenes of sea fight were wonderful :D
Also it's good to see people who love this kind of film. We are the members who have got acquainted with via internet, I don't know the real names or occupations of most of them but can really enjoy talking with them. They are decent, intelligent and well-informed people, actually far more interesting than my co-workers.
Next time we'll meet in November to see another film of Royal Navy story.

Tags: be hooked on..., travel/going out

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