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The typhoon and the earthquake are the natural disasters which we Japanese had been forced to get used to in our long history. But this year, the mother nature is quite merciless to us.
Yesterday the big typhoon has hit the west part of Japan, killed some people, given much damages in wide area. Kansai International airport is closed and many areas still do not have the electricity. Then today, very early morning, there was a huge earthquake in Hokkaido, the big northern island. It caused big landslides and many people are missing. And the power has gone out in the whole Hokkaido! ( I heard some area got it this afternoon but still many areas are without electricity)

Here in Yokohama, we are safe, no damage at all from both of these disasters. But of course we feel quite uneasy. Yokohama is in the area where few typhoons hit. But as for the earthquake, we know someday we'll have the big one, sooner or later. This is what we can't escape from i this country. And my house is on the hillside, so the landslides and their victims in Hokkaido could be us someday.

I hope they'd find the missing people, hopefully, alive.
Tags: daily life, disaster & resurrection, thought

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