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early morning melancholy

I am one of the people who feels more energy and positiveness on sunny day than gloomy day, and in the morning than in the evening - usually. But in early morning, when I wake up, I also feel melancholy, often. Sometimes I have dreams in the morining, most of time not pleasant ones. The typical dream is like this - I'm on the foreign travel, in unfamiliar places. And I'm trying to catch the planned train or something though it seems almost impossible to catch it and I feel quite helpless. Or, I lost something on my trip. Or, my foreign friend who has been with me till just before that point in time(of the dream) is gone somewhere and I have no idear how to find her or him and what to do,  ...etc. In any of this kind of dreams I feel quite insecure and helpless. Then even after waking up, this feeling continues, makes me feel blue.
Maybe these dreams represent my inner, inveterate anxiety. I sometimes wonder... the people who have their own family (the partner and children), or who have the perfect confidence about their social positions might not have this kind of dreams ?
Tags: thought

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