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A good news in Japan

In some countryside in the west part of Japan, 2 year old boy had been lost for more than 2 days. His family was visiting their relatives on the summer holiday, and his grandfather has missed him just within a few minutes when they were walking on the country road. The family, the friends, the neighbours and about 150 policemen and other professionals (and dogs and maybe drones) had searched the area for the missing boy but colud not find him. After 3 days most people gave up him, I think. Then yesterday morning an old man who had come from another prefecture to join the search, found the boy in the mountain! He was an ordinary man(and 78 years old, they say) but an experienced volunteer, and the boy was mostly unhurt!
This is a really good news which made everyone feel good especially on these days when we see many terrible news on the papers or TV program.
Yesterday 15 August was the anniversary of the end of WW2 here, the day we Japanese remember all the war victims and pray for the peace. Also, now is Bon season when the spirits of our ancestors are considered to visit us. So it's rather natural to feel like the spirits would had protected the lost boy and his family.
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