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A Kuzu-zakura holiday :)

It's again sunny, hot day today. I found a mantis on the creeper out of the window, a summer insect!

BTW, I wrote about a Japanese dessert made of gelatin and sweet bean paste here 5 days ago. It's Kuzu-zakura. Kudzu is the plant from which roots we can made starch powder, and with its powder they make many kind of traditional desserts. Kuzu-zakura(sakura=cherry) is gelatin made from kudzu powder and sweet bean paste in it, wrapped with cherry leaf lightly preserved with salt. This is one of my favorite sweets.

Today my best friend has come to my house. She is on her summer holiday now and we have thought about going out together first, but this week many workers are on their holidays so every popular places must be very crowded. So we've decided to stay at home, and try to make Kudzu-zakura by ourselves! We bought sweet bean paste and preserved cherry leaves in the shop, but made the gelatin from the powder!

(making small balls of bean paste / dissolving the Kudzu powder in water, then heating & kneading it with spatula / wrapping the kudzu gelatin and bean paste in plastic then steam them)

(cooling the steamed gelatin with ice / wrapping the gelatin with cherry leaves)

They didn't look as smart as the ones we buy in the shop but tasted as good as them! And it's a great fun to make them. It's the first time for us to make this Japanese dessert by ourselves(we've found its recipe on internet) and found some points we can improve. For we haven't used all the powder, we decided to try this again in near future X)

After enjoying the homemade Kuzu-zakura, my friend made nice pasta dish and I served boiled meat which I've cooked yesterday evening. I took just 1 holiday from the office and tomorrow workday again (my friend is on 1 week holiday!) but this was a nice, enjoyable day :)

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