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Yesterday we had a "family dinner" - my sister's family came to Yokohama for eating out with mother & I. My sister's son will soon back to USA from his summer holiday (he is studying in Arkansas) so we've decided to gather (though not all the members. My sister's elder daughter is in USA, preparing for the entrance to a university in Nebraska). We enjoyed Spanish cuisine in a small, nice restaurant, then sister and her son (my nephew) came home with us to stay for one night (sister's husband and younger daughter went back to their home in Tokyo. Of coures, someone had to take care of their rabbit XD). So this morning I could have time to talk with sister for a while after some months. She is a full-time worker and takes care of her family so usually she is very busy and we seldom have time to talk, so it's good.
First we talked about our mother's savings (we share that task for mother is now old) then our topic changed to about our own savings etc, then both of us said that we wanted to take the early retirement XD
At the moment it's impossible, we are just ordinary middle-class family, fortunately own the house to live in but not much money X(  My sister's elder daughter is just goint to enter the university and younger daughter is still a high-school student so she needs to earn more money for their education. As for me, I have some savings even after paying for my house 4 years ago but not enough for the retirement XD
But recently I've become to think about it (early retirement) seriously. Not only because my job situation is not comfortable at the moment but also, now I'm not young and want to use my own time for myself. I have still many things to do but not enough time. I think I should check my financial situation and think about until when I need to work...
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