katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

I want to kayak...

In the middle of this month I'll go for a short trip to certain highland with my old friend. She and I have been close friends when we were around 20, and once we have traveled to that area together. That area is famous for the beautiful ponds in the woods and I'd looked forward to walk around them very much. But on the departure day my friend had overslept thus we haven't had enough time to visit that ponds. Since then I've wanted to visit there, and if possible, with this friend. But after her marriage we'd become estranged from each other, no opportunity to travel together. And, some years ago, after 20 years, we've begun to meet sometimes again. This summer, her daughter will join the camp tour for 2 weeks and she'd have time to go out with me, so we decided to travel together to visit the ponds at last! XD

In those area there are some lakes and small ponds and many places tourists can enjoy kayaking or boating. I like kayaking (on the calm water!) very much but no opportunity to do in my daily life. So I've suggested my friend to join the half-day kayaking tour on our trip... then learned that she suffered quite easily from motion sickness on any sise of vessel. Of course I don't want to kayak by myself when my friend is just waiting.
This kind of thing happens sometimes and I can understand, but I'm a bit disappointed. Maybe I'll plan another short trip visiting some lake to enjoy kayaking...
Tags: travel/going out

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