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Travel to Scotland 3

Some of the photos I've taken on my trip to Scotland in June... and these are from the main part of my trip. The first purpose of my last trip was staying on Isle of Erraid, the small tidal island at the south-west corner of Mull, where young R.L.Stevenson had been several times and which the author Stevenson had written about in some of his books. I've stayed there for 4 nights, in the old stone cottage which was originaly built for the lighthouse keepers in 19th century.

On my departure day (to Erraid) , the weather has become fine in the afternoon and I saw the marvelous colour of sea-water of Iona Sound from Fionnphort.

I left that small village with nice feeling, then headed more remote, quieter place. Isle of Erraid.

(From the motor-boat heading for Erraid. You can see the row of the cottages.)

On my arrival day it's wonderfully fine so after the supper I have walked to the beach of "Balfour's Bay", the most beautiful beach on Erraid by myself. There are no proper "hiking path" on this islet, just some trails made by sheep(maybe). And beyond the cottage fences, it was just a wilderness, little traces of human life. And the groud was quite boggy, not east to find the way and walk. But the landscape itself was sooo impressive!

(beyond the hill covered by fern and heath...)

(I've met nobody but some stray sheep...)

This is the beach of "Balfour's Bay", where I have dreamed to visit for many years... Very impressive in the quietude (except the sound of waves and winds...)

On another day I have wandered around on the island ...literally wandered for there was no walking pathes nor map, I have just followed some subtle trails, sometimes surprised sheep.

 The view from the hill was just... impressive.

These are the places where young Stevenson himself must have wandered nearly 150 years ago, and where David Balfour - the hero of the novel "Kidnapped" has wandered around for 3 days before his escape from the islet. Now after the 4 days on this islet, I can understand the description of the story very well.

(to be continued...)
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