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Hot, busy days

Now everyday we are having the murderous heat and humidity - this summer heat has literally killed some people already, the weather forecast warns about it every day and advises to use the air-conditioner. I think our temperature is not very very high - here in Yokohama it's about 35°C and I know there are many places with the far higher temperature in the world. But the mixture of this temperature and the humidity - 70 or 80 per cent - day and night, sometimes nearly 90 per cent - this is reall a disaster! Every morning I wake up soaking in sweat and feeling exhausted. My rabbit Tako has more difficult times of course with her fur - recently I gave her a "stone bed" and she loves it! This is a simple but very effective thing - A stone plate on a wooden frame, and in the frame I put the refrigerant pack which keeps the stone cool for hours. She doesn't move from it all day!

In the office, my job situation is just a chaos but it's not my fault, so I will just see how it'll turn out. Last Friday I ate out with 2 good job partners and talked much about the situation, this eating out and talking has made me feel better.

In the morning of Saturday I have worked well to clean the house for I'd have guest on the next day - and in the evening went to the concert hall to enjoy the classical music Rachmaninov's Concert for piano & orchestra, and Symphony No.2. Rachmaninov is not my favorite composer but the performance was really good, I could enjoy them very much!
Then on Sunday 3 friends visited my house. One of them O is a good cook but she has little opportunity to cook seriously for she lives by herself in a small apartment, so I let her use our kitchen, pay for the food, then she cook! I invited other 2 friends to enjoy O's cooking. Isn't this a great idea? Every one was happy with the good food and talking.

Her paella was wonderful! Tasted really professional!
(How to cook the paella)

And today, Monday is a national holiday so I can rest at home. I open all the windows but today we have little wind, I have been thinking if I should turn on the air conditioner for a while... XD
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