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Today it's cloudy, the temperature is not much high, so it's rather comfortable being outdoor.
Some of our familiar homeless cats visited our terrace in the morning, and they got a treat - fish skin! (from our yesterday supper) Of course they liked it, and mabe also because it's rather comfortable day, one of them - the white one with black spots - has been there almost all day. It was quite inconvenient. For I was going to cut my rabbit Tako's nails today, and I always do it on the terrace with sunlight. But I don't want to take Tako to the terrace when cats are there of course, so I waited... but he (the cat) has been there literally all day today! And whenever I approached the window he run up to me, expecting more treat. The power of the fish skin!!

(cats on the terrace all day...)

So, today I couldn't cut Tako's nails at all... Maybe tomorrow, I hope to find time when cats are not here XD

"I don't mind cats on the terrace" (Tako doesn't like her nails being cut) XD
Tags: daily life, utako

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