katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

15 June, Friday on the islands.

Friday morning it was fine. Yay! I had a lovely breakfast in a small but very cozy B&B - wonderful food and nice talking with other guests, I took a boat trip to Isle of Staffa, then in the afternoon visited nearby island Iona where I enjoyed walking with lovely weather. The sea water didn’t show its best colours but I had no complain... it’s nice enough :) I can not wait to post the photos here when I’d come home. Then in the evening I moved to another lodging in the same village for I could not book for two nights in the same B&B for this is very busy time on Mull. It’s a bit troublesome to move my stuff but the good point is, my next lodging is also very nice - beautiful rooms and lovely owners, and wonderful view from their dining room. Now in the morning of Saturday it’s raining and windy but the weather forecast says it might become better around 10am so now I am sitting in their living room and waiting X) I expect I can make some walking today.
Tags: travel/going out

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