katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

I cannot believe!

I had no idea how severe the current weather is. The train I took from Glasgow has stopped several times on its way to Oban because of the fallen trees. I arrived at Oban about one hour later than I have planned then leaned that the ferry going to Isle of Mull has been canceled because of the weather. There are still hopes to take the evening ferry to Mull but nobody is sure at the moment! I have booked the lovely bed and breakfast in Fionnphort, a small village at the southwest end of Mull and to go to the village I have to take the last local bus, to catch it I need to take the ferry leaving here, Oban at 15:55. If the ferry would not run I have no idea how I’d manage, maybe I need to find the accommodation here in Oban. What a miserable holiday! I have had nothing good yet in Scotland on this trip. I have been always rather lucky about the weather on my travels and no idea why Scotland is so unkind to me this time.
Tags: travel/going out

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