katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

In Glasgow

So, now I’m in Glasgow. Yesterday evening I arrived here, but this big Scottish city was not kind to me again. The last time I’ve been here I met a friend(it’s good) but the weather was most miserable and the sightseeing was not successful, so my impression of this great city was not very good. This time, because I’m going to take train rather early next morning, I have booked a lodging which is very near to the train station, and with very good review on internet. When I arrived here yesterday evening it’s already the very early morning of the next day of my departure (I mean, in Japanese time) and I was exhausted, what I want was just taking shower and going to bed soon. But the hotel staff said that they have had some trouble in their rooms and I could not stay there, instead they have booked a room in another hotel. So I need to move to the another hotel, and it was raining so I took a taxi(I mean, I had to pay) to go there. The hotel is not bad, but far farther from the train station, too big for my taste, modern but with little atmosphere, no good view from window. There is little complaint about this nice hotel though my feeling is far from satisfaction! The bad weather,and maybe the trouble in the building are not their fault, though I feel like Glasgow itself is a ill-natured city XD Maybe Glasgow is a too big city for me.anyway I don’t think I will willingly visit this city again in the future X(

Well... at least I’ll take train and leave this big city soon. I hope the Scottish islands will be more kind to me!
Tags: travel/going out

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