katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

Rainy season

Now it's raining. We are in the annual rainy season which is also the starting sign of the real summer - hot, humid and exhausting Asian summer. Though now it's raining fortunately today the temperature is not much high. Mother is out and it's quiet in the house, I have already packed most of the stuff for my holiday trip, and I'm spending this precious Sunday with reading or writing letters etc. I love this kind of "doing nothing special, ordinary, quiet holiday" very much. And when I look out of the window the green colour in my garden is really lively in the rain.

(Though the weeds are growing everywhere ... on this rainy season it's difficult to find enough time to weed the garden XD)

...And my rabbit Tako is relaxing on the floor (with her dried-grass ball).
Tags: daily life, travel/going out, utako

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