katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

about our present weather

Tomorrow, the Monday and the next Friday are the national holidays here, these two 3-day weekends are really good to do something we could not manage during the summertime. Many people travel or enjoy outing because the middle of Sep the climate is not so severe... usually.

This year the lingering summer heat is still merciless now, many people are claiming their exhaustion. The weather forecast say though, from the day after tomorrow the weather will become dull, we'll have some rain and temperature would drop. It sounds good... even rainy days would be welcomed after such a long & tough summer.

And in our garden my favorite flower began to bloom. I checked their English name on the internet dictionary... it's "Toad lilies". Not loud, chic and elegant flower...the messenger of autumn.

Tags: daily life

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