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The shoes, park, and Utako

This morning it's cloudy but comfortable, though the weather forecast said it would start raining in the afternoon. So around 10:30 I left home to make a short walk to the nearby big park. Last autumn I bought a pair of new hiking shoes but have had no opportunity to wear them. I'm thiking of wearing them on my next holiday trip to Scotland, so went for a walk to break in those shoes a bit. The park is rather a big one, on the hill which we can see from our garden, about 15 minutes walk from here. It has some grounds for baseball and football, tennis courts, swimming pool for children, a concert hall, many play grounds etc. When I was a child mother sometimes took us(I and sister) there but now I seldom visit there, frankly I haven't been there for recent 20 years, I think. To go to the park I need to walk down the small hill (on which our house stands), then up another hill, and in the park there are many ups & downs - so it seems to be a good place to try my new hiking shoes :)
The park itself was different from which I remember, the grounds and paths are maintained well and there were small ponds and stream which I haven't known. They are all artificial still have the good atmosphere, I saw people were enjoying walking or running on the paths, children were playing baseball or football on the grounds. In the quiet area in the woods I could hear the bush warbler's beautiful songs!

To go to these areas with many trees, I've walked about 30 minutes from my house. If it's a bit nearer, I'd like to visit this park more often. If I can walk in this park every morning it would be wonderful! But at least I'm going to walk to there sometimes, I thought.
As for my new shoes, I felt some pressure of my left shoe against my ankle, maybe I should try the thicker socks.

Another news. Last week I took my rabbit Utako to the vet. I have noticed that her appetite had not been good for the recent week, I suspected that her teeth might have overgrown in her small mouth. Her predecesser Mr.Uma had the malocclusion and when his teeth was overgrown and made pain he stopped eating dried timothy grass, and Tako's condition looked somewhat like Mr.Uma's.
Fortunately, now we have a good veterinary clinic which is famous for their care for the rabbits and small animals in the walking distance, it's just about 10 minutes walk from my house. So last Wednesday I left the office earlier and came home, then took Tako there. And as I was afraid of, the vet found her teeth were overgrown, and he cut those teeth immediately and gave some medicine.

(The vet examined the inside of Tako's mouth.)

After the care, Tako has recovered her appetite, eats well and poops well :)
But you know, after Mr.Uma's case(he had suffered from his malocclusion for years) my feeling is a bit like "Et tu, Tako?" ...At least I expect her case would not as bad as Mr.Uma's.
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