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Now we are on the 2nd half of our biggest successive holidays "golden week". In the early morning of yesterday we had heavy rain but in the morning the rain has stopped then we have had wonderful sunshine. Though we also have too much wind generally it's comfortable early summer weather!

Yesterday my best friend and her husband have been here for our "eating, talking and Scrabble" meeting! XD Yesterday we were rather lucky and had nice, interesting games. Also we enjoyed eating (I made nice begetable salada and cooked a lump of pork, friends bought some food and sweets) :)

Today it's sunny too, we had a beautiful bright blue sky!

In the morning I sewed something by my old Singer (It's fun!), brushed Tako, then in the afternoon I spent hours in the garden.

It's enjoyable too though I'm physically tired much (mentally, feel so  good!). But I still have the weekend, maybe tomorrow morning I'll sleep a bit late :)
Tags: daily life, utako

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