katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

heavy rain, sunny later

This morning when I woke up it's raining and very windy, I didn't dare to open the shutters of south side of the house. It stopped raining around noon, the temperature has risen and we had oddly warm breeze. I washed some winter clothes, then went outside. When I was weeding the garden (it's quite easy, the soil was soft after the rain) there came some sunshine. After the weeding I took a shower, then sat on a sofa with a pot of mint tea - the first mint leaves from my garden this spring :)

Outside of the window, on the wooden terrace the homeless cats gathered, expecting some treat. I ignored them for it's not time for their evening treat yet, though they didn't leave, just relaxed on the terrace. I enjoyed the tea and some biscuits, and looking at the relaxing cats X)

Of course I don't forget my rabbit, I picked some dandelion leaves in the garden for her. SHe enjoyed them!

So it's a peaceful, nuce Sunday again.
Tags: daily life, utako

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