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The best blooming day in Tokyo

Yesterday I took a day off for I had a paid holiday which was valid just within this month, and went for a walk in Tokyo with my friend. First we went to Roppongi, very popular downtown with many very modern buildings, shopping areas and some nice parks. Our purpose was visiting our mutual friend's grave which happens to be in Roppongi but after visiting it we strolled around in nearby nice park which had many chsrry trees - and they were just in full bloom!!

It's rather windy day and we saw the pavement was covered with the fallen pink petals - wonderful!

It's windy but very warm day, many people was enjoying the picnic on the lawn with the view of cherry blossoms. It's good that there is such a nice park in the midst of the downtown.

Then we had lunch in a small but nice restaurant near this park, and opposite from the restaurant there was an old vacant house. Though it's a small, very ordinary house of common people I like the house of this age (maybe built 60 or 70 years ago) so looked at it for a while, then found a cat sleeping on its eave XD  I imitated miaou but he (or she) just moved his (or her) ear a bit and never woke up. It's always fun to find cat when we stroll around the town!

Then we took the subway to visit Chidorigafuchi, one of the most popular and famous sights with many cherry trees in Japan. Chidorigafuchi is the part of the moats surrounding the Imperial Palace in Tokyo, there are many cherry trees on its bank and there is a long esplanade along it. I think yesterday was the best day in the year to visit there!

(Can you see hte part of the water surface is covered with petals?)

Though it's an odrinary workday there were many many people enjoying walking on the esplanade & taking photos, and there was a long queue for boats. Chidorigafuchi is really famous for these cherry blossom and every spring TV news report this wonderful sight but I've never been there before (because I don't like crowded place), my friend hasn't too. So it's good that we visited it yesterday.
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