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After 7 years, again 3.11.

Now again we are on 11th March, the day of Tohoku Great earthquake and tsunami (in 2011). After 7 years, some parts of the damaged area are recovered but generally, the damaged towns and most of the victims are still suffering, it seems. Even for the people who has rebuilt their houses and businesses the situation is not easy, and of course the loss of the family or beloved persons is irrecoverable. Still lives go on, and the world faces another tragedies and troubles every day. So we should be thankfull for what we are given now, and should not forget what we've lost.

This weekend the weather is so so, slightly cloudy with some sunshine. I cleaned the rooms, and Tako's cage(She has hiden under my desk during the cleaning!).  Now it's molting season so I brushed my rabbit outside on the terrace - it's a bit difficult now because recently our familiar homeless cats tend to stay on the terrace far longer than before, they often enjoy the sun and mild spring air on our terrace, I need to choose the time when the cats aren't here XD  Then I weed my garden just a bit (just to enjoy the air), took some dead water weed from the water in the basin in the garden and saw my rice fish has survived the winter.

(Tako under the sofa, let me stroke her.)

(The cats literally occupying our terrace XD)

6 and half years ago I adopted a rabbit which was rescued in Fukushima (from the nuke crisis), since then I had had happy life with him (Mr.Uma), and last year he died in my arms. And now I have Tako, another rescued rabbit. Sometimes I feel like it's unbelievable that time has passed so quickly. And think that I'm so fortunate, for having this ordinary but peaceful life all the while.

Last evening I went to the concert hall to enjoy the concert of classical music - Chopin (concert for piano and orchestra) and Brahmn (symphony No.4). The performance was just great.  A nice weekend filled with the quiet happiness and memories.
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