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hungry cats

There are 6 homeless cats which often visit our garden, sometimes some unfamiliar ones appear but just 1 or 2. I'm sure there are more cats in our whole neighbourhood but the number of cats which stroll around here is very unchanging. Maybe because we(4 families including us) had neutered & released 10 cats in 2016 autumn, they are fed well so they have made our gardens their territory.
As for our 6 (plus 1 or 2) cats, I know at least 2 of my neighbours feed them regularly so we give them just snack from time to time. Originally we were not going to give them food though we didn't mind they were coming and sometimes left droppings. After we neutered them we've become to give them some food but still we feel like we shoudn't, for we have a rabbit here. Last month one of the neighbours who have fed the cats - a man in his 60s - has passed away unexpectedly. And now we (I and mother) notice that the cats' behaviour has a bit changed. They seem to be more eager for food, look at us earnestly. Now one less feeders, they became hungrier, I'm afraid. Mother gives them snacks sometimes but not regularly, and I'm a bit worrying about them...

(This afternoon, after my mother gave him snacks. He seems to be quite contented.)

(Would you please get out of my futon mattress???)

(Meanwhile, the rightful animal in our house...)

(She enjoy the stellaria leaves I picked from the garden.)
Tags: daily life, utako

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