katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

On my birthday

My rabbit Tako has a bad habit of gnawing the wires of her cage sometimes. It makes noise, and might hurt her teeth and can cause malocclusion. Mr.Uma had had the terrible malocclusion all his life so I'm quite afraid of Tako would have the same problem, when she gnaws the cage (she does it only when she is shut into the cage) I open the door and let her out of it. Recently Tako often gnaws the cage very early morning and the noise wakes me. Maybe she knows that if she does so then I open the door and she can go outside, walk around the room freely. Tako making noise at 6a.m. is OK, but 5:30, 5:00, sometimes 4:00 ... it's a nightmare for her owner! This morning it's 3 a.m I was awakened, I first ignored the noise and slept again but became worrying about her teeth, past 4 a.m. I opend the cage door and let her out, then went to futon bed again. Tako seemed to be enjoying her freedom in the room, sometimes running around and jumping (I could hear it). But you know, when the alarm clock awakened me (again) around 6 a.m. I felt rather wreck X(

Anyway... it was, fortunately sunny today. And this is my birthday. I had no plan at all but mother said how about eating out together for supper, so I booked a table in the casual but nice Italian restaurant in the shopping mall near Yokohama train station. This was not a "very special" nor "wonderful" day, but it's a nice day and I'm thankful for it :)
Tags: daily life, utako

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