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The cat yoga

Yesterday I went to a "Cat cafe" in the downtown of Yokohama.
"Cat cafe" is the cafe where there are cats in the shop and the customers can see, touch or play with them. Most of time they serve quite simple bevarage for customers vitit there for the cats, not for the food or drink. People who love cats, and often who can't have cats in their own house go those place to play with cats. This "cafe"s have become popular for these 15 years I think, and as you might imagine that they can be the cruel place for the little animals. Though recently the conscientious "cat cafe" seem to be increasing, in those good places the owners have only the rescued cats, take good care of them and try to find the new owners for them.
I myself have never been to cat cafe before (I don't need to go to the cafe to see cats... you know XD) but my best friend loves to visit the cafe with just rescued cats sometimes. And yesterday at last I visited her favorite cat cafe with her and her husband for "cat yoga" class.

What is cat yoga?? It's just doing yoga in the cafe, a yoga instructor came to the cafe for this special class, about 10 cat-lovers joined ... and the cats are walkng, running, playing or relaxing among us - or maybe I should say we did the yoga among them. Well ... this is the class XD

Needless to day the cats didn't care about us humans at all so it's sometimes quite difficult to keep the yoga pose XD But the instructor said that doing yoga among cats made us relax and it's good for our physical and mental health XD

(The cats occupied my yoga towel XD)
Tags: daily life, travel/going out

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