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Today I met 2 acquaintances who are fans of R.L.Stevenson's works as I am. Stevenson, the famous Scottish writer, the author of "Treasure Island" and "Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde", is not popular in Japan (though the names of these 2 books are famous enough), there are very few Japanese who has the knowledge about him. So these women I met today are very rare people whom I can talk about him in my mother tongue.(I have to admit that I am one of the rarest Japanese who has a fair amount of knowledge about him.) One of them is a writer who has published some books about Stevenson, and other is a fan who has visited Scotland every year to follow the story of Stevenson's famous novel "Kidnapped". But I know little about their backgrounds, we just know each of us a big fan and has some respect to each other, I think.

We enjoyed talking about our experiences as fans of his works, exchanged information and opinions about him, it's an enjoyable afternoon. And it seems rather... funny, that the author from far west country made three of us friends...
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