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Are there centipede in your area, my friends? Tonight I found a one creeping on the floor of my room. It's rather rare to find it in this time of year - they usually appear in the summertime. Because we live in one-story house with garden we cannot help but finding them in the house - at least once for one summer.
I seldom kill the insects I find inside of my house, I catch and release them outside when I can. The exceptions are cockroach and centipede - the former for the sanitary reason, the latter for the safety. Centipede is infamous for biting what they touch.
So I hit & killed it without mercy. It was not big one, about 5cm... but small centipede is worse, they say.
None the less I don't like killing living things, even vermin. So I feel a little worse at the moment...
Tags: daily life

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