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holidays with friends (the traditional Japanese hotel with hot springs)

So, 3rd & 4th Nov, I went to an overnight trip with friends. The destination was not very far, 1 hour train & 40 minutes bus ride from my house. It's the suburbs of the Yokohama area and also the gateway area of the mountains in the west part of Kanagawa prefecture, so not far from the towncentre but rustic enough among the mountains (at least we can feel so). There are several Japanese style hotels in this area, famous for the quality of their hot springs. Which we'd stayed in was the most remote small and old hotel, founded about 100 years ago, I think.

The building was old but clean, mostly traditional Japanese style but with one Western style room due to the fashion of early 20th century. The beautiful wooden floor of the entrance hall pleased us.

The entrance of the hotel and the entrance hall(right), at the end of the hall is the small courtyard. The lower left photo shows the small room I've stayed, very traditional Ryokan style. This building was old so not very convenient but quite comfortable to stay :)

(The western style lobby, the beautiful old stair, and the small courtyard. Their open-air hot springs was at the end of this small garden.)

I couldn't take the photos of their hot springs, though the atmosphere of the open-air bath (they had both of open-air and indoor bath, both are hot springs) and the quality of hot water was just wonderful, very mild to the skin. In the open-air bath we could hear the nearby stream always.
Their food was also good. We had our supper and breakfast in a small Tatami room, not "smart" dishes but fresh from mountains - game, freshwater fish and vegetables, their hospitality was good.


(My room. During our supper (in another room) the hotel staff have spread the futon mattress so no need to do so by myself.)

We enjoyed the hot springs twice, the food, and playing Scrabble in the room! XD
Next morning it's sunny, from my room window I could see the greens in the courtyard and mountains, the birds-song and fresh air were wonderful. After enjoyed the open-air hot spring again and before the breakdast we walked to the temple next to the hotel, I loved their tranquil atmosphere.

(The view from my room, the temple very near to the hotel.)


We enjoyed our stay, and after checking out of this hotel and backed to the towncentre, we together came home, had light lunch, then my friends enjoyed trying to picking the Kaki(persimmon fruits) from trees in my garden. Then tea & cakes, then playing Scrabble again! We had 3 matches and 2 of them were quite nice, enjoyable.

My friend(my best friend's husband) enjoyed napping on the wooden terrace, and see our homeless cat under the terrace! XD

So, this was a very enjoyeable and relaxing holidays! :)

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