katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

1 night trip to the hot spring

Yesterday (Friday ) was the national holiday and I've been to one-night trip with my best friend and her husband. Well... it's actually not a "trip", we've been to a small, old Japanese-style hotel with hot springs on some hillside in the suburb of Yokohama, just about 2 hour (train & bus) trip from my house. The hotel, the hot springs and their food were wonderful, we really enjoyed our stay there. Then today late in the morning we've checked out the hotel then come home (to my house ) together, we (I and my friends) enjoyed picking the Kaki (persimmon fruits) from the trees in our garden, and playing Scrabble game XD My friends left here after 21:00. It's a good outing (and a good staying at home). At the moment I'm tired and want to go to bed soon. i'll post some photos here maybe tomorrow...
Tags: travel/going out

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