katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

Autumn deepening

Now the autumn is deepening. Though it's becoming chilly every morning the air is fresh and the coloured leaves are beautiful. Mother has gone to a short trip to some mountain district in the northeastern part of Japan with friends and said the mountains looked so beautiful with red and yellow leaves. Here in Yokohama we don't have many trees which tuen in autumn still the ears of Japanese pampas grass (Susuki) look beautiful in our garden on sunny morning.

Recently at last we have had some sunny days. Unfortunately I've been too busy to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air on daytime for once I go to the office I don't have spare time and mental margin to look out of the window, but at least in the morning before leaving for the office I appreciate this mild sunshine.

The chrysanthemum begins to bloom!

...Meanwhile my rabbit is...

(Still a bit nervous about us human beings XD)
Tags: daily life, utako

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