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small but nice things

The tough workdays have gone again and now it's weekend. The weather is gloomy and the temperature have dropped since yesterday, very cool day. Thouth the situation of my job was still bad, on Friday evening after work I ate out with the man who had worked with me many years ago and whom I could trust, and the convertsation with him and nice supper, and his kind sympathy made me feel like a human. And today, Saturday. I slept late, them fed Tako later than usual - sorry! - , vacuumed rooms - sorry to Tako again! XD  Then I tried to make sauerkraut! This is of course because of the post of dear vjezkova. I have searched the recipe of it on internet and bought curraway seeds some days ago. I don't have the suitable container so I used a plastic bag. The recipe says it would take about 1 week for fermentation. This is the first attempet and I hope this will turn into nice sauerkraut XD

Then after the light lunch I went to a small confectioner (about 10 minutes walk from my house) to buy some pieces of cake for today is my mother's 81st birthday. Mother and I enjoyed them and nice cup of tea in the afternoon.

(4 pieces of cake was too much for 2 of us, we left 2 for tomorrow.)

Meanwhile my rabbit Tako was not very friendly. Today is one of her nervous days, she has hid under the desk or chair almost all day and run from me. Even now she is sometimes like this and I let her alone :(  But at least I took this picture.

The small sailboat in this photo is made of paper, this is a pop-up card. This is a very beautiful card, which my American friend Alice has sent to me just recently.

"The best ships are friendships" it says. Actually! Alice and I have been pen-friends for more than 20 years, and she is one of the most charming letter-writers I've ever known. She always gives me the letter which makes me want to answer her soon. How fortunate I am to have such a good friend like her.

Today I also enjoyed to read some pages of a book & watch the DVD of some drama.  These are all just ordinary, small things, though nice things. This is an quiet, ordinary, though happy day.
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