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On a comfortable autumn weekend.

Well... I've spent terrible workdays. There were so many urgent tasks that I had to go to the office yesterday(Saturday) and have spent a whole day there, finished some of them. Still I couldn't feel free from the worry about the job, I have to TRY to forget them today(Sunday). Fortunately tomorrow is the national holiday so I'll have one more day off :)

The temperature has moderately dropped, today we have mild sunshine - it's really a comfortable autumn day. This is one of the most pleasant time of year (another good time is in spring). In our garden there are little flowers, but some leaves are turning red and the ears of Susuki grass are waving in breeze. I found many buds of chrysanthemum, I can expect many flowers maybe at the end of this month. This year our fragrant olive tree blooms less than usual still I could smell its sweet scent in the garden. In the water pot many rice-fish was swimming in clear water.

I washed some summer clothes I'd worn until recently, aired futom mattresses in the sun, groomed my rabbit Tako with a small rubber brush and cut her overgrown nails on the terrace. On this terrace there often come the homeless cats so I carefully chose the time when cats seldom visit here XD  A quiet, ordinary, and happily peaceful day.

Recently Tako likes to sit under my chair, so I really need to be careful when I move it.

"I don't like to be brushed!"

In the morning and evening the homless cats visit here - now almost regularly XD, but not the same members. We have 5 or 6 frequent visitors, and sometimes 2 or 3 come together, sometimes alone, and sometimes 5 together XD
This is the photo I took yesterday morning. I believe these two cats are brothers and it's good to see them grooming each other.

Because I've been busy and too stressful in the office for months I've wanted to go out for some short trip... but when the weather is so kind to me it's happy enough to be at home.
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