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old photos

Today I brought the boxes of old photos down from the loft to see their contents. Those photos were what I've found in the closets of my grandparents' old house before we pulled it down to build a new house where now I live in. I haven't had enough time to check them then so put those photos in some boxes and have kept them in the loft for more than 3 years. This afternoon I opened some of the boxes and saw the old pictures. The hundreds of photos were in the boxes, unsorted, some were very old - taken before the WW2, some were from my parents' youth and I found the image of myself as infant in some. Mother seated next to me, we enjoyed to see the old photos and talk about who the people in the photos were or where these photos were taken, etc.
Today it's sunny and comfortable, we have opened the window to let the autumn air into the rooms. And those old photos, the memories... Difficult to explain what I've felt all the while. Yes, nostalgia for the past, for the things we have lost many many years ago. But not only that. The complex, somewhat sad, quiet feeling.

Who do you think these small girls?

These are my older sister and myself. We are in the garden of the house where we'd lived in some city in the west part of Japan then - I believe I was 2 or 3 years old. This might be on the New Years Day for we were in Kimono(traditional dress) in this photo. And here is my grandfather with us, in the same garden. He must have been visiting us from his house in Yokohama(where I live in now, of course).
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