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small happiness

The temperature and humidity have dropped, now we are in one of the most comfortable seasons here in Japan. Yesterday morning I and mother gave something to eat to the homeless cats as we often do recently. They seemed to enjoy the autumn air too, and it's good to see them relaxed in our garden or on our wooden terrace.

(The white cat with black tail at the left end of the photo is the mother of the one on the rock and another on the terrace.)

But they clearly feel at home too much here, soon after I took these photos mother found two of them have walked into the living room!!! One of them(the one just outside of the window in the above photos, the bold one!) seemed to have hooked the net of the sliding screen door with his nail and opened it (needless to say we always close it!) . I was in my own room then and with my mother's cry I rushed there to see the cat run out of the other window. This was funny, and I heard this sometimes happen with homeless cats... but with a rabbit(Tako), often out of her cage in my room, this was not a laughing matter. So we decided to fix the screen doors with a kind of lock always. Anyway this accident did no harm and I can't help laughing about this.

Before going to the office I went to the clinic to have the physical therapy as I have done once or twice for a week. The physiotherapist is a young man who is also good at explaining how is the physical condition of my injured right elbow and shoulder joint. I still have some pain in my right arm and inconvenience but recently feel that the condition has become better with the therapy. After the therapy I should go to the office directly - I've been busy in the office, many things to do or think, but because of the disgusting situation recently I really hate to go there, also I have some spare free time for the flextime system. So I went to the library to borrow the books I have reserved. They were the Japanese translation of Rosemary Sutcliff's The Arthurian Trilogy. Recently I have watched the British TV drama "Merlin", dramatizing the story of King Arthur and his sorcerer advisor Merlin, and wanted to read something about Arthurian stories. The books were a bit heavy in my bag but it's good to have new books to read. Then I did some business in the bank, and went to the office around 11am. Our business hour starts 9am so it's unusual to go out in the morning of workday, and with the comfortable weather these things - cats accident at home, having therapy, library and books - were really a good change.

In the office we have many unpleasant things, mostly because of the managers who overturn their own decisions or break the company rules so often, but at least this disgusting situation is not my fault at all nor disgrace to me. I can do some not uninteresting job and get the moderate salary. At the moment I try to think just about them and not think much about the serious company problem - it's not my business. And even though I became tired and felt blue when I left the office in the evening every workday - there are many small but nice things, small happiness. Maybe I should concentrate on them.

And in the evening, at home, my tabbit Tako now let me stroke her or curls into a ball at the end of the room.

I often think she somewhat looks like a Mame-Daifuku, a Japanese confectionery I really like - a small round white rice cake with sweet filling and black beans (mixed into rice cake) XD.

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