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fortunate rabbit

On the last weekend, Sunday, I went to the meeting of rabbit owners held in Shibuya, Tokyo. There came 12 owners, all of them had adopted the rescued rabbits, not bought ones from shop. Some of them were volunteers for saving the abused rabbits, taking care of them temporarily or finding the new owners for them. I went there with my sister who has also adopted the rescued rabbit (Noa). We enjoyed talking for hours, talking about how are our rabbits, how funny, cute, or sometimes naughty XD they are, about which veterinary clinic is good, etc. I was new to the meeting, knew no one except my sister though could enjoy talking with them because we share the love for rabbits, also the opinion that we should save the rescued animals first than choosing one in the shop like when we choose the merchandise. Some of them told us that from how cruel situation they have rescued rabbits sometimes, and we all agreed that our rabbits were the fortunate ones to be saved and adopted by us! XD

It seems that my rabbit Tako knows it, recently she has become accustomed to my house and to us(I and mother). She still sometimes run from me but most of time she seems to love being stroked by me :) Until recently she has always run from my mother but now she lets my mother pet her - sometimes X) It's good to see her relaxed in my room...
Tags: travel/going out, utako

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