katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

a "cultural" day

Today I took a day off from the office. In the moring I went to Ueno, Tokyo to see the art exhibition of Giuseppe Arcimboldo. If you don't know this name you might have seen one of his works - the portraits made of objects like this.


Now his "Four Seasons", "Four elements" and some other famous paintings are exhibited in Tokyo. These are not the paintings I like, but they are quite famous paintings so I went to see them. I'm not sure if I enjoyed them ... though they were surely interesting artworks and it's good to see them.

Then in the afternoon I went to the concert hall with a friend to enjoy the performance of The Band of Coldstream Guards from UK. I couldn't take pictures in the hall but they looked like this photo (which I found on internet).

It's a military brass band and not like the classical orchestra and we could listen to their music rather casually.

To go to the art gallery and the hall I have taken some trains and when I came home I was tired, but this was a good change during the busy days...
Tags: travel/going out

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