katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

A fine day

Today it's a national holiday, it means we have had 3-day weekend. After the cloudy, drizzling and rainy days today it's fine, and hot again! I have opened all the windows. It's also very windy in the morning, winds blew through the house & swung the heavy mirror with wooden frame hung on the wall so I took it off from the hook. For 3 and half years the mirror has been on this wall so the white wall without it seems unusual, and remined me of when this house has just constructed.

The sky was blue and autumn atmosphere is everywhere. I washed some summer clothes and put some summer stuff into the closet. Because of the job stress I've been tired and felt depressed for weeks. Yesterday and the day before yesterday (Sunday and Saturday) it's been raining, cool and gloomy. But today the sunshine somehow healed me, now I feel better. I know tomorrow I'll again face the isgusting situation in the office but we all have to try to survive...
Tags: daily life

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