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old books

My father is a man who has loved buying books, he often bought more books than he could read. Unfortunately our house is very old, and because of the old standard of a house it's rather a big house with many closet. Now my father is too old to read any book and to (thankfully) purchase new books, but every closet of our house and the shed in our garden are full of books.
So recently I made up my mind to give them up!

But I also love books, I feel very uneasy to throw books away even when they are not for my taste. I ask a secondhand bookseller to come to buy them on next weekend. So, today, I spend hours to sort those books... which ones to keep and which to sell. Some books are really old, published before the war, their types and design are very old-style.

It's a tiresome and a bit dusty job but I have to say I enjoyed to handle the books :)
Tags: daily life

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