katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

Now my rabbit!

Yesterday the volunteer lady who had taken care of Utako for about a year till I've adopted her at the beginning of this month visited here. She(the lady) checked the room and other things, found no problem, and we agreed that the trial was over and Utako became in my ownership! So I again introduce to you Utako or Tako, my new rabbit!

She loves to relax at the end of my room or under my desk. Still sometimes runs from me but let me - barely! - hold her to brush her X)  Today I held her in my arm and cut her nails. I hope we'd b able to have as good relationship as I & Mr.Uma did.

Tako with her "lucky" small red cap which another volunteer had made for her. Do you see one black whisker from the black spot on her left cheek?
Tags: utako

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