katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

Hiking Boots

So I'm in Marazion now, writting this in the second morning here. Yesterday I have visited St.Michael's Mount and walked around the island. Its castle is on the top of the island and we had to walk up there on the unstable cobbled slope, its garden - though absolutely wonderful - has every slope and stairs so my hiking boots were helpful. But after the hours of walking I felt something wrong with my left footing, found that the rubber sole of the left boot gegan to peel !!! This was embarrassing and troublesome, my boots were not much old and I need hiking boots to make some long walks on this trip. Soon after returning from the Mount I went to a shop. Unfortunately this is a small town and there is not a big shop selling good hiking gear. I somwhow found a pair of walking shoes but not very good ones, I hope they would hold during the hours of hiking X) Well... should we bring the spare hiking boots on our travel???? XD
Tags: travel/going out

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